All features according to each
available template on the ePortal
Managing banner,
logo, contact, theme, color, etc.
Managing menu,
 menu items, other categories, etc.
Managing articles,
pictures collection, video, etc.
Managing question & answer page
Allowing the end-user of the website send feedback or
send request orders (goods order, medical booking, etc.)
according to a specific website template.

Support people with disability
Automatically collect information
from 2 other sources to display on the website
Support integrating with your SMS Brand name services
Support integrating with your online payment method
Support integrating with your another system (via API)
Responsive all devices, including phone & table devices
Linking, synchronizing data between websites at all levels
Support automatically collecting all articles on the old website
to display the new website (if needed)
Including hosting
Other special requirements from customers
Activation fee00Pay one-time when
creating a new website
For using in 3 months45 USD50 USD- This is a big website​ that has
a lot of special requirements.
- Activation Fee & Periodic fee
are negotiated case by case
For using in 6 months81 USD90 USD
For using in in 12 months144 USD159 USD



  ⦾ Above price includes the hosting but not include the domain fee.

   Basic package is based on any available template from our ePortal

   ⦾ Discount 50% for the same website supporting the second language (English or Khmer)

  ⦾ Advance package has some more advance features than basic package, including:

        ⦿ Supporting the people with disabilities

        ⦿ Automatically collect information from 2 other sources to display on your website

        ⦿Integrating online payment (if you have), Chatbot, SMS Brandname