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The harmful effects of lipidosis

The harmful effects of lipidosis

Fatty blood is one of the most common diseases today. In particular, unreasonable diet, excess nutrients, sedentary is the leading cause of obesity, high blood fat. Blood lipid disorders or steatosis if not treated promptly will cause many dangerous health complications:

1. Diabetes

Fatty blood can cause type 2 diabetes and vice versa. This relationship has been researched and proven by scientists, especially in the case of high blood pressure, abdominal fat gain, good cholesterol and high blood sugar. When triglyceride levels are combined, it also increases the risk of developing diabetes.

2. Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is one of the dangerous complications that can occur when blood is fat, because the very high triglyceride content can cause pancreatitis, causing symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, fast breathing, fast heart rate. If acute pancreatitis can be life-threatening.

3. Cardiovascular disease

Bad cholesterol, high triglycerides along with metabolic disorders in the body have a close connection not only with diseases of high blood pressure, diabetes, pancreatitis but also can cause serious complications. dangerous to the cardiovascular system. So to have a healthy heart, the first thing is to prevent fatty blood disease.

4. High blood pressure

Fatty blood causes atherosclerosis, forming a blood clot that obstructs the blood's circulation. At that time, blood pressure increases and increases the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, the higher the amount of fat in the blood means the more likely it is the disease of hypertension and vice versa.

5. Stroke

The main reason is due to bad cholesterol and high triglycerides causing atherosclerosis and affecting the blood supply to the brain. Therefore, for patients with steatosis, the risk of stroke will be many times higher than healthy people.

6. Impaired liver function

Fatty blood causes triglycerides to increase, along with an increased risk of fatty liver, which is a major cause of liver disease and directly impairs liver function.

7. Pain, numbness of legs

When there is too much blood fat, there will be a buildup of artery in the lumen, when flowing to the feet will lead to peripheral artery disease. This disease causes pain and numbness in the feet, especially when walking, in addition, it also increases the likelihood of infections in the legs and feet.