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The program is run by the Hanoi Eye Hospital in collaboration with a volunteer group in the hope of bringing light to disadvantaged patients.

Accordingly, this program has 200 patients free eye surgery, divided into three times on October 4, October 14 and October 15. Beneficiaries of cataract patients in difficult circumstances from all provinces and cities across the country.

Hanoi Eye Hospital will provide free surgical support and tests and donors will provide funding for the replacement of lenses for patients.

The patient is examined by a doctor before conducting eye surgery
As one of the lucky patients who received support for eye surgery this time, Ms. Nguyen Thi Diich (80 years old, Tho Loc, Phuc Tho, Hanoi) is pleased to say: “I have cataracts 6.7 this year. But the family was difficult so they could not afford it. Being supported like this I am excited, from now on I can see more clearly. ”

Many patients wait for visits and eye exams
It is known that this is the third time Hanoi Eye Hospital cooperates with a volunteer group to organize free eye surgery for patients. Previously, on July 30 and August 21, the program also provided free eye surgeries for 100 patients.