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Hair loss at the time of season change is quite common for both men and women. So, why is there such a situation and what is the remedy?

Typically, the period between autumn and winter is a time when hair loss a lot. The reason is that the weather is dry this season, the scalp is also dry, making the hairline weak, thin and very easy to break, even a lot. Not only that, changing the temperature when outside and in a closed room affects the health of the hair, making it more dry and brittle.

Besides, the weather turns to cold also makes you ... lazy to wash your hair. The occasional hair and scalp care is one of the reasons why hair breaks easily and damages.

Hair loss is a condition that makes women headache

Useful tips to combat seasonal hair loss

1. Drink lots of water

To reduce hair loss, the easiest way is to stay hydrated. By drinking plenty of water, providing enough 2 - 2.5 liters of water per day, you can have both a beautiful hair, and a beautiful skin in the dry weather.

The hot sun and cold wind are very harmful to your hair and increase the risk of hair loss. You should pay attention to keep your head warm on cold days, wear a hat or avoid dropping your hair when outside.

Reduce hair loss from simple tasks

2. Use good food for hair and scalp

You should add vegetables and fruits to your daily diet to increase hair moisture and vitamins. Besides, you should eat more foods such as fish, foods made from beans, cereals, beef ... Because they contain a lot of biotin, zinc, protein, vitamins ..., good for hair, help to bring Hair is strong, smooth and healthy.

3, Use good shampoo for the scalp

Should choose shampoos with natural extracts, less chemicals to nourish the hair better. You also should not forget to use conditioner, with the right amount also helps provide moisture and better hair protection.

4. Avoid getting wet hair during the rainy season

Rainwater mixed with many other contaminants can damage hair, contaminate hair, become weak and break easily. If you unfortunately get wet when outdoors, pay attention to cleaning your hair by washing your hair and using appropriate hair care products.

5. Use a hair mask

Easy-to-find or home-made hair masks are great for caring and restoring hair loss. Grapefruit peel, aloe vera, green tea, locust ... are simple ingredients that you can find the season and take care of your hair at home. Having healthy hair will help you fight hair loss, dryness and split ends.