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2 brothers Chi have heart disease, but his brother unfortunately died because he could not wait. Luckily, Chi received a heart from a 37-year-old man.

After 3 days of heart transplant, 3-year-old Ha Ngoc Chi in Lang Son woke up. Because she could not talk, when she saw the post Do Do Linh came to visit, she just smiled.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Uoc, Director of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Center, Viet Duc Hospital said that the situation of Chi's family was very difficult. 2 brothers Chi have heart disease, but his brother unfortunately died. Chi herself has been dilated my heart muscle since childhood, her body was thin.

In July 2018, after a constant fever, the body was thin, the family took the baby to the hospital to find out that the disease had become worse.

Waiting so tired, there was a time when Mr. Sang saw that his daughter's chances of living were too fragile, so in mid-September, although her daughter was very weak, he tried to arrange to take his son to visit home for a few days.
"My child continued to receive treatment at Viet Duc Hospital, his health condition was too poor, so he ate and was tired. The doctor put his name on the first waiting list for a heart transplant because the disease progressed so fast," said Ha Van Sang, father. baby share.

Chi's father said, "Waiting for pressure, my family did not know when my son would leave me, so I wanted him to come home."

Luckily, when he returned, Sang and his wife were informed by the doctor that they had found a suitable heart for little Chi. The donor is a 37-year-old man who unfortunately died of his brain after a traffic accident.

Right on the night of October 1, dozens of doctors performed the same heart transplant for little Chi. After more than 4 hours of stress, the heart transplant was successful, her heart throbbing again in her chest.

Looking back at his refreshed daughter, Mr. Sang could not hide his happiness: “My son has risen, my family is extremely grateful to the hearts of the family who gave her heart, praying for all peace. with those wonderful people! ".

Before deciding to have a heart transplant for his son, Sang and his wife were a little worried because it cost up to 1 billion VND. But he and his wife lost a child already, they couldn't afford to lose another daughter, so the couple promised themselves, even if they had to work hard and borrowed as much as they pleased, as long as little Chi was healthy again. .

Previously, Sang was a worker and his wife worked as a maid, but since the day he was hospitalized continuously, the couple took turns to take care of the child, so the income was not much.

Knowing the poor situation of Chi's family, National Organ Coordination Coordinator and Viet Duc Hospital doctors have called for various sources of aid. In addition, Miss Do My Linh also joined hands, contributing an additional 300 million for babies with heart surgery.

In a few days, she will be discharged from the hospital, returned to her home full of love and will be happy, chatter when going to school. A new life revived from the beautiful hearts!