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In addition to genetic factors, improper diet leading to severe calcium deficiency is also the culprit that causes children not to grow in height.

Zhang Yun's son (Fujian, China) is 5 years old this year. The boy was quite short compared to his peers, not long ago Truong Van took his son to the hospital for a checkup, the doctor said the child had symptoms of calcium deficiency. Truong Van is both worried and a little suspicious, because normally she adds a lot of calcium to her son, why is that?

The doctor asked the child's eating habits to know the reason, the high-calorie snacks that the child often ate were the culprits that took calcium from the body, making Truong Van's son not develop. height.

Parents do not think that just supplementing enough nutrition, normally giving children a snack will not matter, the fact is that this way of thinking is extremely wrong. The vast majority of junk foods are high in calories, eating them regularly will cause calcium to gradually disappear. Therefore, parents try not to give children too much of these foods, to avoid losing calcium in the body.

1. Wheat flour processed and added chemicals do not contain calcium

Wheat flour is a common food in food processing. Normally, dishes made from flour such as tender screen, dumplings are fine when eating but these foods have been processed or added a lot of flavors ... they cannot eat much.

Because they are high in sugar, calories are not low, children often eat a lot will affect the digestive system. During digestion, calcium in the child's body will neutralize with these foods, calcium and wheat will be excreted together.


2. Fatty meat

The highest content of this food is fat, which many mothers know, and in fat, fat is also low in protein, but extremely low in calcium. When adding meat to children, parents must give children less fat meat, because fatty meat is not good for digestion, and will lose a large amount of calcium to help digestion, so it is not good for development. of the child. When children grow fast, they are also very susceptible to obesity, eating fat on the body is not beneficial, parents must definitely control this.


3. Mushrooms

The fungus has a very high content of phospholipids. In many cases, eating mushrooms is also very beneficial for the body, but be sure to pay attention to the control of phospholipid and calcium ratio, the ratio of these two types can not be unbalanced.


In many cases, eating mushrooms is also very beneficial to the body, but be sure to pay attention to the control of the phospholipid and calcium ratios, the ratio of the two types can not be unbalanced.

If the content of phospholipids is too high, it will lead to serious calcium loss in the body, which will eventually lead to anemia. Too much calcium can cause stones in children, so parents must pay attention when feeding mushrooms. Height in the period of growing children is very important, to avoid the height is not affected, should give children less mushrooms.

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