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Terms of use

To become a full member read and abide by the following rules:


Our website is part of a school portal in Vietnam developed by ViettelStudy.Vn. To create a connected and interactive online education system.


When you register as a member, please read the terms of the rules carefully. By using our services, you agree to this policy. The Board of Directors has the right to change the content of this rule on the basis of ensuring maximum benefits and obligations of the members without prior notice. The board will notify you after each rule change.

Article 1: General provisions

1. By registering as a member, you agree and accept to abide by all our regulations.

2. Take full responsibility for all information provided to us.

3. Be gentle and respectful to other members of the online learning community.

4. Strictly prohibit posting and circulating information and images that violate the constitution and laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

5. Prohibiting acts of sabotaging our website in any form.

6. Do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, residence or age.

7. Not illegally using passwords, password keys and other members' private information on the system. Do not interfere with normal use of other users' accounts and passwords.

8. You authorize the Management Board to withhold or disclose any content that you post, including personal information when you register for an account, if required by law or regulatory authority.

9. You do not have the right to use our website for commercial purposes without our prior written permission.

10. You will not infringe, access or use any part of our server. All acts of taking advantage of system errors to get personal benefits that cause damage to service providers are strictly prohibited.

11. You do not have the rights or actions to restrict or prohibit any other users from using and reading information on our website.

12. When discovering that any member participating does not comply with the usage rules, the Management Board Website stops membership immediately without prior notice.

13. Links on the website may lead you to other websites, and you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the accuracy or validity of any information provided by linked websites. .

Article 2: Regulations on avatars

1. Image size must not exceed 160x160 pixels, capacity not exceeding 1Mb.

2. It is forbidden to use images of horror, depravity, eroticism or contrary to fine traditions and customs, and distort images of Vietnamese cultural traditions.

3. Images of famous people, great men, photos of Party and State leaders or images of bad guys are not allowed (understood as: terrorist, fascist or criminal ...).

4. The first infringing avatar will be replaced with our default avatar. The next violation will be locked accounts.

Article 3. Provisions on account creation

1. Account names must not be named after famous people, names related to religion or names of leaders of the Party and State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, names of bad guys (understood as: terrorist tycoons) , fascists, criminals ...).

2. It is not allowed to name an account that has an unhealthy, unclear, misleading meaning or aims to defame or taunt other members.


Article 1. Regulations on comment content

You need to confirm that all comment content is entirely your responsibility. We recommend that you read carefully, accept and strictly implement the following regulations:

1. Not propagating contents violating the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

2. Do not use the language lacking culture, violating the ethical standards, traditional culture of Vietnam.

3. Not disclosing state secrets, military secrets, security, economy, external relations and other secrets provided for by law.

4. Failing to give information that misrepresents, slanders or violates an organization's reputation; honor and dignity of citizens.

5. Not to post, propagate and incite violence, lust, depravity, crimes, social evils, superstition, and destruction of national traditions and customs.

6. Do not post or propagate content infringing upon intellectual property and copyright.

7. Not taking advantage of the internet to advertise, propagate and buy and sell goods and services on the prohibited list as prescribed by law.

8. Do not create and post links that contain computer viruses or programs that harm and damage the computer.

9. Do not send messages to content spam.

10. Responsible for comments, opinions and discussions on our Website.

11. In all comments do not discuss political, religious, or other easily provocative topics.

12. BQT reserves the right to refuse to post or remove, or to prevent access to, any content you post