1. Commit to refund 100% of the cost if not obtaining a Visa.
2. Commitment to support additional job introduction.
3. Representative offices in Japan and South Korea combine with language schools to process specific documents.
4. Transparent finance, DHS pays directly to the school.
5. After finishing the Truc Minh language school, it helps to process the transfer of student visas to work visas.
6. We go directly to each survey school so you feel secure about the learning and living environment and extra jobs.
7. Giving scholarships to students with good and good academic results, children of policy families, having Japanese and Korean certificates.
8. Professional services, solving all difficulties of students in the process of processing dossiers.
9. Free to learn Japanese, Korean, textbooks, accommodation for students in the process of processing documents.
10. Counseling, orientation, vocational guidance for students in the learning process and after completing their studies.