• Diverse websites in many fields with the aim of targeting the market to fully satisfying customers’ needs right from the beginning.

  • A modern technology platform that allows the processing of a large amount of information effectively and accurately 

  • Absolutely secure security with multiple layers of firewalls that help prevent attacks from outside.

  • 100% of templates with modern technology (Responsive)

  • Administration meets all 3 factors: simple, easy, intuitive. Easily perform drag and drop function to change layout.

  • Website has the ability to change colors, SEO standards.

  • Sales website in addition to shopping cart features, must have additional sales management software

  • The news website has a news censorship system 

  • Real estate website must have detailed information about the project, map, diagram ...

Rights and responsibilities when becoming our sales agency

Built a professional website for all kinds of fields: Real estate, news, sales, education ...
Branded, granted Admin account, fully active in creating and maintaining website activities.
Negotiating price with customers
Get technical support 24/7.
Agents are responsible for supporting their customers. If customers’ complains are technical problems, transfer to Metfone. 

Conditions for becoming our agencies
All businesses and organizations can become agents of Metfone. An agent can decide the selling price to a third party. Commissions for agencies.